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KR Physiotherapy Centre was formed on 17.01.2014 with The Rotary International through a matching grant with the help of Rotary Club of Chidambaram by establishing a physiotherapy unit exclusively for the children with special needs. The physiotherapy unit is full fledged with equipments viz., Treadmill, Angle Excerciser, Leg Massager, Long and Shortwave Diatherm, Traction Table, Ulltra Sound Laser, Cp Bed and etc.

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Bicycle Exercise
Calf Muscle Re-Education
Cp Frame Exercise
Crazy fit vibrator
Treadmill Training
Physio Equipments

Our Trustees

MR.M.Ganapathy. Ph.D
DR.k.r.muthuraman. m.b.b.s,m.d
mr.r.sabanayagam. b.com

Mr.S.Natanasabapathy. b.e

Member of the Committee

MR.M.Ganapathy. Ph.D
DR.k.r.muthuraman. m.b.b.s.,m.d
mr.r.sabanayagam. b.com

Mr.S.Natanasabapathy. b.e
Dr.V.Ramalingam. M.B.B.S
Mrs.K.Sundari. M.A,D.B.A
Dr.S.Ramesh. M.D.,D.C.H.
Mrs.N.Sumathi M.A,M.Sc
Mrs.K.Visalakshi B.Sc

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#8,R.N.Suseela Ammal Nagar,

Kanagasabai Nagar,


Kanagasabai Nagar,